Improving the environment and creating world peace
Improved Quality of Life and Reduced Conflict

As long ago as 1974 it was noted that where the proportion of people in any community practising Transcendental Meditation reached a particular threshold (about 1% of the population) changes started to occur in social trends. Crime, road accidents and hospital admissions started to decrease.

It may seem surprising that a few people meditating can, by the effect of their practice, influence the behaviour of others in the environment. It certainly challenges some commonly-held viewpoints about the nature of cause and effect. But perhaps it is intuitively sensible to feel that our behaviour is affected by the quality of the environment in which we find ourselves.

Either way, the effect is irrefutable. The effect has been noticed again and again, and quantitative data have been gathered which have been published in scientific journals.

This research gives great hope to those who have the vision of a better quality of life for mankind, and has led to major initiatives in all parts of the world to establish permanent "coherence-creating groups" of people who will practise Transcendental Meditation together on a daily basis in order to wash away the stress which would otherwise accumulate in the atmosphere.