Nurture inner peace
Inner Peace

When people enquire about Transcendental Meditation, we tend to emphasise on the simple, practical everyday benefits that the practice brings - because this is what most people are looking for when they decide to learn.

However there are also some people who want to learn Transcendental Meditation for reasons which may be difficult to put into words: Self-knowledge, Self-awareness, spiritual development, enlightenment. All these are equally valid reasons for learning, and are, in a sense, exactly what Transcendental Meditation provides.

Normally throughout the day, we experience the busy active everyday level of thinking. When we practise Transcendental Meditation we experience a state where the mind is completely silent, yet wide awake. Transcend means "go beyond", and this is the transcendental state: the mind has gone beyond the everyday activity. This is an experience of the Self.

Without this experience we only have access to the constantly changing phase of life. Our thoughts, emotions, plans, memories - everything constantly changing. No wonder that we may feel increasingly separated and isolated from the non-changing inner quality of life - the Self.

People often report that when they learn TM, they feel more connected, more at one with the Self, more fulfilled, happier.