Improving health
Lower Blood Pressure

"Rest" is the doctor's first prescription. Rest allows the body's natural healing mechanisms to function fully. When we do not get sufficient rest the body tends to function poorly, and stress-related problems occur.

It has been estimated that possibly as many as 80% of all doctor visits are for people suffering from stress-related problems.

We are all different, and stress affects us in different ways. Some people may find that their sleep is disturbed when under pressure, others may suffer from digestive disorders. Migraine, ulcers, high blood pressure, angina, asthma, abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, and non-prescribed drugs, anxiety, insomnia - all are known to be associated with stress - and most of these are problems that modern medicine is relatively ineffective at dealing with.

Fortunately, all have been shown to improve with regular practice of Transcendental Meditation.